Physical therapy following back surgery significantly helps recovery

Results showed that patients who received four or more sessions of physical therapy following LTDR surgery (group 3) experienced the most significant improvements of all groups. In particular, these participants showed less functional disability, redu

December 7, 2017

Walking meetings may increase physical activity in the workplace

The data taken from the accelerometers and surveys showed that in general, workers were more physically active during the second two weeks of the study. The average number of minutes participants engaged in combined work-related moderate or vigorous p

November 24, 2017

Exercises are helpful for neck pain

On the whole, there was not much strong evidence to support the use of exercises as researchers had hoped to find. Nonetheless, they identified studies of moderate quality that showed how effective various exercises can be for neck disorders. In part

November 17, 2017

Strengthening exercises are beneficial for arthritis

Results showed that resistance exercise led to significant benefits when compared to control treatments. In particular, these types of exercises were found to reduce pain, relieve stiffness and improve overall function for patients with knee osteoarth

November 9, 2017

Program reduces rate of diabetes

On the whole, DPP was found to be effective, as there was a 58% reduction in the rate of diabetes that developed in study participants compared to groups that received placebo or medications only. In addition, many of the patients from the initial stu

November 3, 2017

Hands-on therapy for shoulder pain helps recovery time

Results from the systematic review showed that patients treated with thoracic manual therapy improved significantly more than those who received other treatments. In particular, the three RCTs found that they experienced a quicker recovery with reduce

October 28, 2017

Non-surgical treatment lead to similar outcomes for back pain

Researchers first pointed out that although patients were randomly assigned to have either surgery or physical therapy, they had a 3-to-1 chance of having surgery. This means that many more patients went on to have surgery versus physical therapy, and

October 20, 2017

Specific exercises are beneficial for neck pain

After four months, patients in the exercise group reported significantly better scores than the control group in most/many of the outcomes that were measured. In particular, they were found to have better muscle function, neck flexibility, and pain th

October 12, 2017

Specific exercises and hands-on therapy is helpful for ankle sprains

Results showed that although both groups reported better overall scores in all the measurements taken, those in treatment group 2 experienced greater improvements than treatment group 1. This was based on lower levels of pain, better ankle stability a

October 6, 2017

Seeing physical therapists early for neck pain is better than waiting

After comparing both groups of patients, it was found that those who received early physical therapy experienced better outcomes with less disability and pain than those who delayed it. This was found to be the case not only in their actual outcomes b

September 28, 2017

Getting physical activity significantly reduces the risk of arthritis

Based on this, researchers said that getting 3,000-4,000 MET-minutes per week appears to be the ideal range for obtaining the most health benefits and the greatest reduction of risk for the five health conditions. More physical activity than this may

September 21, 2017

Exercise and physical therapy help patients with knee arthritis

After nine weeks, patients in all four treatment groups experienced significant improvements in all the outcomes measured. By one year, some of these effects had reduced, but for the most part, the improvements lasted. Despite this, the addition of b

September 15, 2017

Adding movement to stretching is more beneficial

Results showed that the patients who received the combination of joint mobilization and stretching exercises experienced better outcomes than those who only had stretching exercises. This was seen in measurements for flexibility, pain, shoulder functi

September 7, 2017

Hands-on physical therapy are effective for a shoulder condition

On the whole, mobilization techniques were found to be beneficial for patients with frozen shoulder. A combination of one approach called the Maitland technique with the mobilization of the spine and shoulder stretching appears to be best for reducing

August 30, 2017

Treatment program with neck exercises leads to more satisfaction

Results showed that after one year, the satisfaction of all patients with their treatment improved over time, regardless of the type of treatment they received. However, the patients who received neck-specific exercises were found to improve significa

August 16, 2017

Physical therapy improves health and is effective for its cost

Results from this systematic review showed that physical therapy, either on its own or added to usual care, led to improved health. This was found to be the case in almost all studies included. Regarding cost-effectiveness, six out of eight studies f

August 11, 2017

Surgery is not found to be more effective for treating injuries

Results showed that after one year, no significant differences were found between patients who had surgery compared to those who had conservative treatment. This was determined based on scores for two separate measurements used for overall pain and fu

August 2, 2017

Using desks with a standing capability may increase work productivity

Results showed that workers using the stand-capable desks were more productive than those who were using the standard seated desks. On average, the stand-capable workers had 0

July 28, 2017

Physical therapists may be an alternative to seeing a doctor first

Results from this study showed that seeing a physical therapist instead of a general practitioner for a musculoskeletal condition was safe, as no patients experienced any negative e

July 20, 2017

Patients who see physical therapists spend less time and money

There are a number of reasons some physical therapists do not adhere to current guidelines when treating patients with low back pain, but one point seems clear: those that do save their patients money and time. Patients with low back pain should, ther

July 14, 2017
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